Moving skeletal mesh bones

I want to do a 4W vehicle that behaves like a tank, but that is not possible with a simple wheeled vehicle Blueprint. This is what I tryied, but nothing works:

This is inside of my pawn blueprint. I have no Idea what to do next, as it does not work as is. Does it have to interact with the animation Blueprint for any transform to be given? Because I need to rotate my wheels from an input and that does not seem to work inside of the animation Blueprint (I’m new to skeletal meshes).

you can rotate a bone via animation blueprint (use the transform bone)- just transfer the value to anim graph and you are ready to go.

How can you do such a thing? I don’t know how to transfer a variable from one blueprint to another. or is it just a value you transfer?

Thanks for your time

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As mirsabayu said you need to use Transform(Modify) Bone function in Anim Graph of the anim BP. You can transfer values between BP’s with a BP Interface.