Moving shadows on lanscape, what from?

Hi , just wondering if anyone would know what these moving shadows are on the landscape? At first I thought it almost looks like clouds shadows but the sky is clear , or maybe landscape itself but it happens when sun is directly overhead as well. I only see these in standalone or packaged game, not in just editor. I have "Goodsky " day/night cycle in and they move pretty much at whatever speed the day is set at. Though if I set a day for an hour , at sunrise they still seem to move rather quickly , even when the sun isn’t moving so much. any help? Thanx Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Never fails , cant figure it out , then you post and right away find the answer. It was the light function material in the light source.

This is a light function.
Find your Directional Light actor, scroll down in the details panel until you see the light function section. Probably within a blueprint from your “Goodsky” pack.

Light functions can be used to alter the lights intensity. In this case it is used to simulate shadows from the clouds.

Sorry. Didn’t notice your comment.

thats cool , thanks for reply anyway. If I didn’t figure it out , it would be very helpful.