Moving Shadow not attached to object

Hello there,

added to my problem in this thread I also have problems with the shadow of my moving door.

A stationary Point light is set behind a door to smooth out the GI in the room and create the shadow for the door when it opens… for some reason though, the shadow deviates from its source (see screenshots below)
The setup is a Door controlled via BluePrint and Overlap Event…

Anyone have an idea what the problem could be? Thanks again!

JayCox of on3Studio

Is the shadow not moving at all? Even if you move the door around?

The shadow does move (both if I drag it or if trigger the animation). But at the end the shadow isn’t where it is supposed to be… see screenshot 2 in original post. My reaction to this: Dafuq? Help please :slight_smile: I have seriously no idea how this happens…

Maybe it’s just a shadow bias setting–for something like that the bias setting controls how accurately it lines up with the bottom of the object that cast the shadow, low settings introduce artifacts which is why the setting is there, to get rid of the artifacts, but it can make things look like they’re floating. Try adjusting that with your light.

Hm, that didn’t change anything :frowning:

I have a feeling as if there were a volume within the static mesh that casts the shadow and is not moving correctly with the blueprint animated mesh… Is that a possibility?