Moving pawn with AI Controller

I’ve got a pawn with a Floating Pawn Movement component. It has the default AI Controller, and I’m trying to get it to move using Simple Move To Location. It does not move, and I do have a nav mesh.

If this won’t work, is there any way to move a pawn with an AI Controller?

try to add self in the controlled actor input

Hi, AFAIK you need a capsule collision as root component. Also I wouldn’t call this on tick, better do it only once from event begin play.

Thank you both for the response.

@HAF-Blade I tried plugging in Self, but it said Self Object Reference is not compatible with Controller Object Reference.

@chrudimer I think I have it set up as you suggested

But no luck with that either.

Still looking for a solution for this. Please help

I meant to plug in the ACTOR (which should be self) in the CONTROLLED ACTOR pin.

Anf make sure that the actor has an assigned ai controller class

You could try to use the same code but with a character. If that also does not work, then you have missed something else (e. g. navmesh).

Try the “AI Move To” node and check if you have a NavMesh.