Moving pawn and enabling collisions

Goal having a parallepiped to being moved from keyboard and colliding with the fluid in the Niagara 3D Fluid Content Demo.
So created a Pawn BP

Added the Pawn BP as level item

added the collider tag to have it interacting with the fluid, changed the Default Pawn in the Game control class

But when I run the level the Pawn BP is shown on the right as static mesh interacting with the liquid but is not movable, instead what appears from the Player Start perspective and is moved using the keyboard is the standard asset associated with the Pawn BP, without the resize I have set in the level item and without interacting with the liquid

How do I have my level item to be moved in the first place?

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In the end I used a sequence to move the box and this is enough for my sim needs.

Still didnd’t understand why I was not able to control the right box using keyboard.