Moving my project to another computer without moving textures?


My project is under the Unreal Project folder that UE creates for me, and I’m working on a project which textures I’ve been dragging from a different folder outside the Unreal Projects folder to Scene, so basically my textures are in a different directory nothing to do with UE4 (Actually is in the source images of Maya).

If I move just my Unreal projects folder without having to put the textures inside, will UE4 load some kind of cache textures or some sort in the new computer?


When you import something into UE4 it’ll copy it into a uasset file where it will then be processed to be used in the engine, so you can copy your project folder to anywhere you want and it’ll still contain all of the assets, you just won’t have the original files.

To follow on this previous thread, I was working on an Unreal Project on a Mac. My content folder is on an external SSD.
Am I going to be able to open this project on a Windows PC?