Moving metahuman maya project to another computer

Hi, Im having trouble moving metahuman maya Project to another computer. Collected all the files. set project, re-pathed textures etc. The rig never works on another computer. Is there something im missing thats different about metahuman maya scene vs a regular maya scene… Noticed .json and .dna files in the megascans library would it be something to do with them? any help appreciated.

I solved it by editing my *.ma file to adjust the path to the dna file.
There is another solution too… check this out:

Metahumans - On a Network, DNA rig files issue - Development Discussion / MetaHuman Creator - Unreal Engine Forums

thanks MichaBostrom, only just saw this now

If you have a Maya binary file that you cant save as an ascii to edit (or just are not comfortable editing maya ascii files), the data is exposed in the scene itself. You need the “embeddedNodeRL4” node which has an attribute called “dnaFilePath” you just have to point that to the new file location. Easily find the node by running this python line'embeddedNodeRL4')