Metahumans - On a Network, DNA rig files issue

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I can download and work with metahumans on each of my individual computers, however when I try to open up a maya rig file on another computer on the network, then the face rig seems to break. Sure its there in the scene, however it does not control the joints/blendshapes anymore. My guess is that when maya opens the file theres a code line in the rig somewhere that wants to pick up a DNA file. Normally something that would be picked up from the SourceAssets folder. My question is how do i repath this in maya to pick up the DNA file from a server location?

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SOLVED: Figured that I could just update the path in the maya asci file.

You can also do that from within the scene usin this snippet:

dfp="C:\MyMetahuman_rl.dna",  //using _rl cuz it seems to be the behavior part of dna

it’s basically recreates connections from controls->rigLogic->bones.

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Just seen this now… thanks for the tip @AyanMiru

Hi AyanMiru,
are you able to explain how to do that for a non coder?
i tried pasting that in the maya mel windw and hitting return but i get this error
Invalid use of Maya object “n”
tried replacing the file path for the dna file on my computer. not sure what im doing wrong. will this connect the controls to the bones so the dna file is no longer needed? thankyou

Select the Script Editor at the bottom right corner, it lets you type in multi-line scripts.

I’ve tried entering this in the Script Editor, but I still get the following:

// Error: n="rigLogicNode", 
// Error: Line 2.17: Invalid use of Maya object "n". // 
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same here
I got //Error: Line 2.17: Invalid use of Maya object ‘n’.
Could you let me know how to fix this script?

I will revive this topic because someone else will look for a solution and this is high up when you search for this problem.

You can re-set your rl_dna file from the attributes, here is a video explaining it:


  1. Open your metahuman file, select the face mesh object.
  2. Open the Attributes Window
  3. Find the rl4 Attribute
  4. Change the DNA File Path.
  5. Success!

On my rl4 attribute it says unknown, and it does not show a path to replace:
You probably do not have the Quixel Bridge plugin. Solution HERE.