Metahumans - On a Network, DNA rig files issue

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I can download and work with metahumans on each of my individual computers, however when I try to open up a maya rig file on another computer on the network, then the face rig seems to break. Sure its there in the scene, however it does not control the joints/blendshapes anymore. My guess is that when maya opens the file theres a code line in the rig somewhere that wants to pick up a DNA file. Normally something that would be picked up from the SourceAssets folder. My question is how do i repath this in maya to pick up the DNA file from a server location?

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SOLVED: Figured that I could just update the path in the maya asci file.

You can also do that from within the scene usin this snippet:

dfp="C:\MyMetahuman_rl.dna",  //using _rl cuz it seems to be the behavior part of dna

it’s basically recreates connections from controls->rigLogic->bones.

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Just seen this now… thanks for the tip @AyanMiru