Moving in VR

Hello people
I’m making a game in vr but displacement (going forward in the axis of the camera) makes people nauseous, and teleporting us not really an option.
Is there anything better than that?
Thanks in advance

“better” for movement types is kind of a subjective term. The locomotion you use should compliment your gameplay.

Climbey uses an arm swinging solution, and “climbing” solution.
SculptrVR has a paragliding method in their game that lets you fly around and explore.
The displacement method you mentioned can make you sick, but the game Onward does it well enough that not many people feel ill.
Then there’s others like “pony” movement, like #selfietennis]( uses with their ponycorn.
Raw DataI think has a dash(ish) that they use, I know that the Island359 Does.
And sometimes, you might also not even need one.

There is no good solution for locomotion right now. They’re all different, they all impact gameplay differently, they all affect people differently.

If you set low velocity for the displacement (as natural as possible) plus good optimization/performance (close at 90 FPS) shouldn’t be sickening