Moving foliage to another level... crashes editor

Moving foliage to another level… crashes editor. I have multiple levels for level streaming, but i want to move the foliage to a specific level. When i select teh foliage and move to current level it then crashes editor instantly.

Is there a way i should do this specifically?

Hello kurylo3d,

Can you provide me with the steps you took in order to get the editor to crash as well as the crash logs?

Keep in mind that whenever you are reporting a crash, we will always ask for this same information. It helps us efficiently troubleshoot the issue so we can determine if this is an editor bug.

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Simply go to a multi level streaming setup. Load the destination level as set that as current. Load the level with foliage… Select the foliage, right click and assign it to the new level… instant crash every time. I can try to get you a crash report later.

I did not get the crash to occur. I am going to need the callstack and crash logs in order to report this issue.

There is a correct way to move foliage across levels is to go into foliage mode, check the foliage instances you wish to move, choose the ‘Select All’ option, within your Levels tab right-click the level you want to migrate to and choose the, ‘Move Selected to Foliage to Level’

This should work without any issues, but let me know if you have further questions.

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Thanks. That worked except when i did that it literlaly shifted all the foliage over into a new position :/…

Does the foliage actually transform its world coordinates (X, Y, Z) after being moved to a new level?

My guess is that if your landscape/level is offset from the world origin and you are copying foliage from one level that is at world origin. It could be trying to account for that offset when moving the foliage. That is just a guess, and I would need some steps to get that to occur on my end.

Also, if you cannot provide me with the crash information this post will be moved out of bug reports as it has not been confirmed as a bug with the engine. We need your callstack and crashlogs in order to validate this as a bug.

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I am running into the same issue. I have a foliage actor I created (some trees) and if I select them (so they are orange/highlighted) and then choose my Blue/Bold current level and right click/move selected actors to level I get an instant crash.

link textHere is my crash log: