Moving Custom NavigationData out of umap

We have a large amount of auto generated navigation data that in its current form is serialized as an object and stored in the level files. I want to separate the data as it’s quite large and awkward to handle.
I noticed UE4 assigns their navmesh to be serialized alongside the lighting build system which led me to the class FEditorBuildUtils. In this class there is RegisterCustomBuildType which seems to allow the ability to have a delegate assigned to serialized the navigation data out into its separate package

There doesn’t seem to be many uses of this feature available for example, so before I dig into it I wanted to ask,

  • Is there any more information outside of UE4’s documentation related to this feature?
  • If you have used this feature youselves is there any caveats/warnings I should be aware of before diving in.
  • Would storing the navigation data as a UAsset be an acceptable alternative?
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