Moving bones

Accept my apologies for this question might be excessively elementary but I have been trying to find a definite answer and have yet to find it. New to unreal and trying to make a ‘golf swing’ just using the character they give you in the code templates. Is that something I would need an animator to do, or is there a way to programatically moves the bones? I have seen various things online from my google searches that you can but have not found any concrete example. Just wanted to know if this was possible/should i do it?

You can but it will be very complex to do, and it will not look good anyway. But i you want u can try this

This will allow you to modify the bone, but they only have up to 3 joint-chain ik, and you need to make custom curve value to move the hand like it swinging, so yeah lot easier if you have animation.

If you want you can buy 1 of animation from here, it’s ok for prototype.

You can follow this wiki tutorial by Rama A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums and use custom variables and change the rotation of the bones for your golf swing.