Moving Bones Independently of Mesh


I hope this is simple, but if not, please bare with me and excuse my lack of knowledge.

I’ve imported an FBX from Maya of a BMX bike and the bone/skeleton structure is all wrong.

What defines it in the import?

Also, is there anyway to move it independently of the mesh, such as changing the location of their origin points?

If anyone can provide some document or any information at all, I would be most grateful.

See the attached image for an example as to what I mean.


I think you create skeleton with the bad hierarchy. I created simple example. This should look like this.


In UE4

Hey Svv,

Thanks for the response. I tried replicating your hierarchy and skeleton tree, but the result was the same as before. Maybe it’s because I’m exporting a multimesh vs your single mesh?

Are my meshes allowed to be in groups? I also noticed each mesh has multiple bind poses, but I don’t know to clean them up… dagPose commands just add another bind pose.

I’m not a technical artist, but our team is small, so I’m having to reach out of my comfort zone on this one. I’ve tried researching skeleton/bone pipelines from Maya to UE4 and it’s not going well.

Thanks for your help thus far!

If you need me to take screens of anything, just let me know.

This very basic tutorials about how to modeling/rigging and expot car model into Unreal. For bycycle the rules are the same. And I think these tutorials help you.

Sorry for the delay, I’ll give these videos a shot and let you know.