Moving along spline in multiplayer


I have a cycling game when a rider moves along a predefined spline. It works fine in a standalone mode. But when i go to multiplayer and connect a client to a server the client begins to behave strangely.

First of all it is often submerged in the ground on a half of the wheel, secondly is that it’s speed is not equal to the server player speed even if all the speed parameters are the same, the client typically moves much faster for some reason. the last one is that the client side ingame window jitters significantly. the server side player works just as expected with no lags, strange behavior , etc.

I think the issue is in the replication mode as when i switch on the movement replication all the problems occur, if i switch it off and change other replication parameters everything works fine but the server doesn’t see that the client is moving and vice versa :(.

I have some logic associated with moving along spline and setting the player rotation and location to stick to the ground. Maybe the problem lies in this direction :frowning:

Could someone help me please?

Another thing is when a client moves through a trigger and a niagara sfx should pop up on top of its head the sfx pops up both on top of the clients and the server’s heads, though the server didn’t cross the trigger point, so the system behaves as if a client and a server is one entity with no difference.