Movies imported

Hi all,

I have created a movie sequence outside of the engine (Actually in after effects), and I wish use it for an introduction cinematique (As movie texture I guess ?).
I render it in the following format : 1920x1080, 25 fps, *.mp4, H.264, 48kHz for the sound

After create a folder nammed “Movies”, I import the movie Inside, but, reading does not work…

My question is : Which format should I use ? (I tried avi uncompressed, but movie growth to 11Giga)

Other point : I pick the unreal animated logo to make some test, and it is actually in QuickTime format .mov, but Unreal don’t seems to read it. Is it normal ?

Please, Is anybody can help me about this question ?

I’m looking everywhere to find a solution, but I fail.

I tried other export format from AE, like MPEG-4, but the 1920*1080 resolution can’t be kept.

Same problem Here 4.14

Hi Dragontiger,

For my side, I solved this issue by using WMV format, and then apply it in a widget
I hope it will help you !