Movie Render Queue vfx not rendering with temporal AA

Hey all. I’m trying to export out a scene with regular particle systems and Niagara effects. I’m currently in 4.25.4. When using the Movie Render Queue and setting any sort of temporal AA all the VFX experience some sort of issue. They can not trigger at all, hang after deactivation, or show up quite different. Is this a bug? Or is there a way around this? Thanks!

Edit: As I’m testing I found that if I keep temporal AA lower everything works. So far 8 and 12 have been cool. 32 and 64 just break it all.

I lied about TAA set to 8 in the movie render queue. Even with motion blur off I get a particle for each sub-frame. You can see in the small sample pic below that each particle is rendering 8 times and increases with the TAA value. This is happening with motion blur on or off, trying different commands I’ve found around the forum.

Hi, I have trouble with you , so how can you fix it ?