Movie Render Queue Panoramic Rendering is broken in UE5.1?

Hi guys.
I am trying to render out some panoramic images using movie render queue in 5.1 with the exact same settings and setup as in 5.0, but all I get is just black screen and the GPU is crashing constantly with d3device removed error. It is eating up the memory as I see. Anyone else is getting this problem? This would have to be fixed ASAP for 5.1.

Yes this is broken in UE5.1, and is a regression (i.e. it works in UE5.0)

See bug tracker:

Looks like it has been fixed and will be in UE 5.1.1

I wish they would give it stereo options like panoramic capture tool has

I recompiled the fix for 5.1

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Even with the plugin you provided, still only renders black images

Have you disabled AutoExposure in your PostProcessVolume?