Movie render queue not accessible from Sequencer

Hi, I’m trying to access movie render queue but contrary to the docs I don’t see it from the Sequencer. How can I fix it please?

Check that you’ve enabled the plugin. If it’s enabled, it should show up in the main menu toolbar at: Windows->Cinematics->Movie Render Queue.

If you open a level sequence, it should also appear in Sequencer in the toolbar.

The screenshot you made is for showing the level sequences in your current map. The movie render queue button won’t appear there.

Thanks a lot @Max.Chen

You are right, I was confusing the level sequencer icon with the icon you have when you are using the level sequence.

I was looking to create a shortcut to access the Window->Cinematics->Movie Render Queue.
If it’s not too much work, can I customize shortcuts for the tools I use the most?

Thanks in advance.

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