Movie Render Queue : Jumping to random frames (camera positions) during the rendering

I have a shot with 10 000 frames in 50FPS,

  • My Global Frame Rate setting is set to 50FPS
  • I use one Shot sequence not multiple : Inside Sequencer there is just one CAMERA SHOT slot set from 0 to 10 000
  • !! When I test it inside Sequencer Render it works well, but edges of my models are flickering due to Anti-Aliasing… !!

so I tried to use Movie Render queue with NONE Anti Aliasing Method and 32 Temporal Sample Count to deal with my Edge flicker…

that pretty much remove flickering but my big issue is the overall frames output from Movie Render Queue…

→ ISSUE : for example from 1000 rendered frames, every 50 is correct then camera jumps into some other camera locations(randomly decided) for 5-10 frames then again back to the correct position … which makes final full video looking pretty insane with constant random frames flashing every second… I couldnt find any topic with this bug… ANY TIPS APRECIATED :slight_smile:

!! Seems weird that in Sequencer everything works fine but in MRQ its going crazy… !!

?? Maybe there is another way to remove EDGE FLICKERING from Sequencer Render output ??

50 FPS

Well, there are temporal samples, and spatial samples, and as far as i know, temporal samples are good for creating some motion blur, because they check previous frames too and somewhat overlaps with them.
Spatial samples just use your current frame, not previous ones. And if your use both, keep in mind, that the total sum of required/renderes samples per frame is the result of the multiplication of your number of spatial samples with your number of temporal samples (and if you use tiles from the high res shot, then multiply them too…).
F.E. 1 spatial sample and 1 temporal = 1 in total. 1 spatial and 32 temporal = 32 in total for one frame. 2 spatial and 32 temporal = 64 in total for one frame (and just for fun: with 4 tiles → 64 *4 tiles = 256 samples per frame). So balance things out between those samples.

So what happens, if you let the temporal samples at 1, and raise the spatial samples to 32 (isn´t 10 enough?)? Should reduce the blur, unless it´s created by your camera itself and is more depth of field than motion blur.

Also, there is that infamous “first frame bug”, which always makes your first frame looking completely bonkers, no matter what you might set as warm up times. There is a solution for that:

Also the advice, render just one camera cut in one go. If your sequence contains several camera cuts, then maybe create a buffer zone and discard those crazy frames later by hand. Bothersome if you have a dozen cuts, but thanks to that bug, it´s probably safer to make several small render sessions, and combine them later :slight_smile:

I have the suspicion, that they come from motion blur/temporal samples, since that checks previous frames, and if there is no previous frame, then it creates one with completely false camera positions and overlaps that with your correct first frame camera position. Could be happen for the last frame too, haven´t tested that.

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Hi Suthriel, thank you for reaching out!

So to describe current situation :

  • I use one Shot sequence not multiple : Inside Sequencer there is just one CAMERA SHOT slot set from 0 to 10 000

  • To test it now I selected to render only 1000 frames from my 10 000 (from 8000 to 9000)

  • I just did a test when I used 10 spatial samples and 1 temporal samples
    → when I hit render local : total madness starts happening… the camera renders first 50 frames flying around being blurry making no sense… I guess that can be fixed with the video you shared… but what comes next is sad… from those 1000 frames, every 50 is correct then camera jumps into some other locations for 5-10 frames then again back to the correct position… so when you play the overall video… you see every second few crazy frames striking at your eyes :smiley: to me this makes no sense ? :open_mouth:

  • …Also this time it atleast runs 50FPS as it should it only has those crazy jump frames…

  • Those frame jumps happend before aswell when I had 1 spatial and 32 Temporal

Here are my current settings in Movie Render Queue tab

Just tried 2 Spatial Sample Count and 8 Temporal Count … Still Jumps to random frames :frowning:

You have one large sequence, that goes over 10k frames → about 3 minutes? o.O Unfortunately, i have never rendered such a large sequence and am not that experienced ^.^ But MRQ seem to have a problem sometimes with weird camera jumps and glitches, sometimes because it got out of sync, sometimes, because camera cuts didn´t ended, where they should end. But right now, my guess is just as good as yours ^.^
Trial and error, until a renderprofi drops by.

What is the original set framerate in sequencer? I usually don´t change the custom framerate in MRQ, i alter them in sequencer and leave the framerate untouched in MRQ, change only the playback range.

Maybe create an entire new project and copy all your stuff over there. What i usually do, if my camera starts going crazy, is to delete all camera cuts, and then create a new one by simply dragging the camera back into sequencer. But for me, it´s usually sequencer, that goes crazy, and drags MRQ with it. Had only encountered that first frame bug, never such camera jumps in the middle of render processes (although, other people seem to have similar jumps too, coming from mentioned going out of sync etc).

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Thanks again for your time :slight_smile: will definetly try new Project and copy that scene and see the result.