Movie Render Queue Issue: output superpositioned/blended images

Hello beautiful people!

I am learning how to use Movie Render Queue with Wiliam Faucher tutorial ( Improve Your Renders With Unreal Movie Render Queue PART 1 - Goodbye Sequencer?! (4.26) - YouTube) and I am having an unexpected issue: all camera views are blended with the “Player Start” view or the (0,0,0) view if “Player Start Actor” can be found, as shown below.


How do I get rid of this superposition and get “one camera” image?

I am using UE5 and I am guessing it is a silly mistake from my part but, if you know how to solve this issues, please let me know!

Thank you!


When you add a Temporal Sample Count of 64 in the Anti-aliasing, somehow the first frame has this issue. It is possibly normal, I don’t know. However, the following frames are perfect.

My error was that I had only 1 frame per camera shot, with 9 frames, it solves the problem. Maybe <9 would work too.