Movie Render Queue Crashing when the scene runs fine in editor on 'Cinematic'

I have a exterior scene built using the Brushify Moorlands pack which i’m trying to render a car in using Movie Render Queue. The scene has grass and foliage, and runs fine in the editor on the ‘Cinematic’ scalability setting. When rendering with Movie Render Queue though I get the “Out of memory” error and it crashes. In the Game Overrides section I have disabled everything that would increase quality and reduce performance:
Cinematic Quality Settings- Off
Texture Streaming- Don’t override
Use LOD Zero- Off
Disable HLODs- Off
Use High Quality Shadows- Off
Override View Distance Scale- Off
Surely these settings should make the render run the same qulaity/performanc as in the editor? The only way I’ve got this to render is to use the console command “grass.densityScale 0.1” which leads me to believe it’s the grass which is causing the issue.
Am I missing something here or could this be a bug?

Hey i have a 3090 card and it says on the basic flat greenlands pack its out of memory!!!
So yes something is up here.

Just read on another post about a guy using landscapes (he didnt mention brushify) but said this was causing render que to crash.

Need to render out seperate parts for compositing so NEED render que

Is it worth sending crash log to unreal?

Sorry i couldnt help. Sounds like you know more than me. But your not alone on this issue.
Another thing i noticed is i recently completed a course on making a complex forest scene. Importing a statue in from megascans. also rocks, foliage, grass, trees, mud textures… I completed this. And it rendered out fine in Mov Rend Que???

here is other post on landscape issues

Just got a message of joe garth the dev of brushify

this is a problem with 4.26. nothing to do with Brushify. its because epic enabled raytracing (used by movie render queue) on grass by mistake. it affects all unreal 4.26 projects.
revert to 4.25 to work with more stability and better framerates.