Movie Render Queue blueprint

Hi guys
I am trying to put together a blueprint for automatically rendering a scene (just one frame) and doing it locally on my machine. The reason I want to do it with a blueprint is because I want to be able to programmatically change parameters like camera position, rigging, lighting, meshes, etc.

I was trying to follow this tutorial here :
[Using Movie Render Queue in Runtime Builds][1]

But I’ve been having some issues understanding parts of it (I’m a beginner to blueprints). For example the part for setting the sequence and map to use, I think I managed to somehow extract the correct variables but when I try to run it, UE4 always crashes with this error:

Fatal error: [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/Templates/Casts.cpp] [Line: 10] Cast of nullptr to LevelSequence failed

Then I tried the approach for Customizing the Executor and that seems to at least not crash whenever I run it, but also it doesn’t render anything.
This is how my blueprint looks in the case when UE4 just crashes

I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong and I’m also lacking experience with Blueprints to understand certain things.
Also, if there is an alternative way to doing what I want to do (an automated offline rendering process) I’m more than willing to give it a try.

Thanks a lot!


Hey, did you solve this? I am struggling to create a blueprint as well. First, I don’t know if I should create a blueprint for this or I should put these inside the level blueprint as you did. Second, I don’t what is the type of the “target map” variable. If possible, could you please share your level blueprint?

Hello! Any chance you figured out the issue here? I’m running into the exact same one!


maybe the Construct Movie Pipeline in Process Executor and the setting of the level helps (see attached). I’m getting a bit further (my system appears to be rendering) but I still have issues saving the files, so no guarantees.