Movie Render Preview window cropped

Hi there,

My movie render preview when I render sequences appears to be cropped so I can’t really see the full image while it’s rendering as it was before. I’ve noticed this change since 4.25 and was wondering if there was a way to preview the original ratio without any crop while rendering?

Any help would be much appreciated. Been looking for answers everywhere but no luck. I used to pick up on weird glitches that might happen during the rendering process so i found it quite helpful. Only seeing the top corner of the video while rendering is something i’m new to in unreal.

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Yes, this is an unfortunate regression but this movie render tool will ultimately be removed as the new Movie Render Queue replaces it. The button in Sequencer will eventually call up the Movie Render Queue in a later release.

Here’s docs on the new system:

Thanks for answering. I’ll look into Movie Render Queue instead.