Movie recording in matinee goes crazy MANY issues! please help!

Ok guys I’m in kinda a spot here. I can hit play in matinee and everything looks awesome! but if I hit the record movie function. it renders but it is washed out, it flickers, and it renders stuff that is not even in the scene and hasn’t been for over a month.

As I said I have to show it to a client and I cant get the thing to save out the movie.

guys? anyone please. This is killing my project. I’m gonna get the axe here if I can get this movie recorded out.

Try using command line: Is there a way to render high res videos out of UE4? - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

If that doesn’t work, record using Nvidia’s shadowplay.

This works but I cannot find where it is saving things. I looked in the corrasponding folder in my project and there are not files

I use Open Broadcaster to capture my own games stuff. Its for streaming but will capture high quality to a local file in realtime too.

I’ve been trying to record using a black magic hyper deck. My problem is with tearing does anyone else have a problem with that? I’ve got a 2xgtx980 system in sli and quite a simple scene but I’ve tried all the vsync settings in nvidia driver and r.vsync 1 in the console and all sorts of resolutions but just can’t stop the tearing. I should make a post about this really.

so I have everything working only there is no output file anyone seen this? Is there and alternate output location?

I usually record with shadowplay on my gtx 980 and it works wonderfully. Do you have a gtx 6xx or newer nvidia card ? Maybe you could send me your file and I could try to render the movie for you!

OK - fyi - I installed windows 10 and the tearing has gone and performance is through the roof!

Give it a try if you’re on windows 7

OK - fyi - I installed windows 10 and the tearing has gone and performance is through the roof!

Give it a try if you’re on windows 7

Are you using -DUMPMOVIE command?

I’ve answered your question from AnswerHub: DUMPMOVIE is BROKEN - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

TLDR; In order for the -DUMPMOVIE command to work you will need to package your game then use the command line argument, as it will not work with the editor.

The why are in all of the example threads I pointed to people using the editor in the command claiming that it works? Just saying. In every example I was pointed to over the last few days this was the case. I never came across anything saying I needed to package anything.

I never cam across anything saying I needed to package anything.

You even posted there. :stuck_out_tongue:


You even posted there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I stand corrected. My bad been up for a long time now.

Still now having issue that I can’t get this **** thing to package and the **** log doesn’t say why. Just says material wont compile. but it compiles just fine and works in the editor so I dont know what the deal is.

thank you guys for the fast feedback. I needed the info aswell!

ok so you have to at least package it as a Dev build and then it works but there seems to be some issue. Ok I use the BENCHMARK option and set the FPS to 24 fps and I have the SECONDS set to 30 it works but I end up with 179 frames. that comes to a little over 7 seconds and when I play it back at 24FPS it is playing back REALLY fast.

BUMP nothing?

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What is currently the recommended way to get a high resolution video rendered without dropping frames?
Matinee? Sequencer? Dumpmovie command?
Reading all over the site, I find it hard to find out, if information given is already deprecated.

id like to know what is the final consensus here aswell.