Movie playing in cinematic

Hi all.

Having a video (on a tv etc) play in a game isn’t a problem. It plays fine.

However, in cinematics it’s a pain in the arse.

When rendering a cinematic, it plays it will continue playing at realtime while the rest of the video is rendering out frame by frame at 25fps

For this to work we had to slow down the video a hell of a lot and have to tweak the speed of the video then reimport it in order for it to look correct.

Is there a way of having a video in unreal render out at the correct fps?

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What you could try is to not play the video at all and instead have a simple Blueprint which has a float for the video time (and is thus able to be timelined in Sequencer) with a set event and seeks the video to that point and pauses it.


To explain better… I have exported a timecode from After Effects. This runs for about 20 secs at 25fps.

When I bring it into Unreal, I export a sequence (from Matinee) at 25fps.

When I bring the exported frames into media encoder and export the video (at 25fps), the time code in unreal runs too fast.

The timecode on the screen should match up with the timecode of the video. But it doesn’t.

Here’s the link :…

When running the game, the timecode runs fine. It doesn’t when exporting the sequence though

I did this test in 4.18 preview. I saw the live stream and they said they had reworked the media framework.