Movie not rendering what I see in sequencer


I am Using 4.22 somehow when I render a movie out of sequencer it only renders the environment with my camera pan, it won’t render the house. Everything looks perfect in sequencer but not in the movie. This also happened to me in a different scene using 4.25 where my main actor ( a drone ) would not render only the environment. Again Everything looked great in sequencer but the final output would only render the environment and some other static objects… PLEASE HELP!

*if this helps figuring out what i am doing wrong; IN THE EXAMPLE ABOVE WHERE I TALK ABOUT THE SCENE WHERE THE MOVIE WAS RENDERING EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE DRONE I HAD TO RELOAD THE DRONE AND RE ASSIGN IT TO THE DRONE IN THE SEQUENCER THEN I GOT IT TO RENDER , I had the drone in the sequencer cause it was being animated and it had key frames , but the first example ( the house) does not need to be animated so I don’t have it listed in the sequencer so I can’t use the same method… … something is weird. Please help…I am very new to Unreal.

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