MoveTo or AIMoveTo, that rotates first?

I was wondering but I can’t seem find a setting in the CharacterMovement or MoveTo/AiMove to, that prevent the character from starting to move before it has proper orientation to the direction of travel.
And I’m having a character that has slow turning speed, so what is currently happening is - it starts rotating, but its already traveling in the direction move to is sending him on the NavMesh, and it looks like its sliding sideway.
Is there anything, maybe option im missing or another function to call instead of MoveTo, that makes the character move only when its properly orientated( or in some range)?
(Controller Yaw is off, and Orient to movement is on, and the turning speed is very low between 60-120)

You can create a custom BT Task that will rotate the character before it starts moving.

But if MoveTo follows series of points, it will only face the first one, after that it will keep its previous behavior, and that will be problematic around corners/large angles between points
I guess if i’ll have no other solution, i’ll have to drop the MoveTo’s completely and just ask the nav mesh to give me points to the target and deal with those in real time (as the target it chases tends to move)

You can do in 2 ways, at least. First, by task in AI’s behavior tree: Rotate to face BB entry where you set blackboard key of actor=player from map. Second, by MoveTo node and unset=clear boolean checkbox can strafe=0. See pictures.