Movement stop when possessing other pawn

So I’m making this soccer game (inspired by fifa) and I’m having a small problem.
When I press the button to switch to another player, it correctly possesses the player (AI controlled) but it completely stops it’s current movement.
What can I do to fix this?

hi @M411

Pretty cool looking with EA dropping FIFA name maybe you could take it on!

Anyway you must make sure all your player pawns are contollable for starters then add AI when no possessed. So they all should come from the default player class. This means you need to possess and make sure the player controller is set adn the local sub system is mapped correctly (if using enhanced input)

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Hi I actually already solved the problem :slight_smile:
It wasn’t that hard, all I had to do was override PawnClientRestart method from the pawn class and not call the restart function (which completely stops the pawn movement).
Thanks anyways!