movement on trackpad [NOT TELEPORTING]


Is there any way to reconfigure the VR template, so instead of teleporting I can move just as I would use WASD on my keyboard. I’d like to use the trackpad on the left or right vive controller.


Yes, just mash together the first person template controls with the vr one. Gotta branch out and do some learning on your own here.

Thank you, I will try that.

I’ve tried to combine the first person movement with the VR template and so far I didn’t get any results. Here is where I got stuck:

I’ve put the movement logic in the Motion Controller Pawn blueprint and here is what it looks like:

And here is what the input looks like (EDIT > PROJECT SETTINGS > INPUT):

When I do this, the thumbstick X or Y (the touchpad on the vive doesn’t move the character left/right or forward/backward).

I’ve seen the keybindings from this image:

You can’t just mix the first person template with the VR one. First major problem will be the room bounds setup and you ending up about two feet below floor level.

Best thing to do is use this template. It’s very easy to integrate into your project and works like a dream.