Movement on remote client is slow compared to local client

Let me elaborate on my scenario. So I am making a Titanfall inspired VR game where the player controls a mech. Now the mech uses the CharacterMovement component to move. I have 2 computers, let’s call them computer A and B, that I am using to test functionality across a network. Here is what I am doing:

  1. I run the listen server on computer A
  2. I run a client on computer A(client A)
  3. I run a client on computer B(client B)
  4. On both client A and B I get in a mech

When I try moving the mech on client A, the mechs moves at an expected rate, but on client B the mech moves extremely slowly. As an analogy, if client A is considered walking then client B is practically crawling, and additionally on client B there are moments where the input doesn’t seem to move the mech while some other moments where it seems to speed up some.

I’ve tried using AddActorWorldOffset in place of the AddMovementInput node and movement seem to behave more closely between the two clients.

So then how come AddMovementInput behaves so weirdly? Does anyone know what is going on and what I can do to resolve the issue such that I can use AddMovementInput? I’d love to continue to take advantage of the Character Movement component.