Movement like Fallout 4 VR which is great -NO TELEPORT

I love the movement style of fallout 4 vr and skyrim vr. Unreal seems very fixed on teleport only which I hate.
In case you aren’t aware how the movement is in fallout 4 or skyrim the left hand controls movement “inputaxis motioncontrollerThumbleft_x” direction. The right controllers edge button snaps yaw direction 45 degrees instantly everytime you press the edge button down. I got the movement part down by cutting the teleport nodes and adding what is shown here and clicking the box “use controller rotation yaw”. If you make the yaw movement slow you can get motion sickness. Love the instant snapping method.

Can someone help me with snapping the character 45 degrees right or left with the right motion controller outter edge buttons?

For the basics of a thumb-stick controlled movement in VR using a Character based pawn, have a look at my ArchViz locomotion tutorial here: [ArchViz] Thumbstick locomotion & gravity with the standard VR template - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube

To achieve a snap rotation, instead of using the output of the motion controller event as rotation angle into the Add Controller Yaw Rotation node, you can simply add or subtract 45 degrees each time the corresponding rotation button is pressed.

Note that this setup is for a seated/in place experience. For a room-scale experience you need a more elaborated code to manage the rotation (actually roto-translations). This has been addressed before here on the forum.

Vr_marco thanks for the guidance.

The weird thing is I cannot put 45 degrees for the value and get a 45 degree turn rate. But the value 18 seems get the result of 8 presses for full circle which is what I am looking for.
I forgot about adding a engine-input value in project settings and adding a variable to make it work.
But here is what works!

Instead what you should do is keep the Axis Values to 1 in the project settings. Then multiple it to the value you want to snap with.