Movement Animset Pro - [Submitted]


Here goes the first mocap animation pack. 136 animations for unarmed TPP character. All is cut, measured and game ready :slight_smile:
If there’s interest, more will come - rifles, pistols, swords, female movement, generic dialogue anims.


Jakub -

This looks fantastic. Fingers crossed that you get approved.

The animations look awesome and should definitely be added to the marketplace! I already found it quite challenging to set up smooth animation blending for just 4 animations: walking forward, backwards and left+right.
Since you have much more animations (diagonal movement, start+stop etc.) that have to be used to get the most out of the pack, it would be awsome if you could provide an example where all the animations are used on the standard TPP character from Epic.

I downloaded UE4 like, yesterday ;). It’s pretty intuitive, but it will take some time before I’ll be able to construct an advanced controller. Let’s see if Epic and the community wants those animations first.

Nice looks like a great buy, my only concern is the lack of documentation on how to create such an advanced character controller inside ue4. So if i were to buy these i may just end up with a new set of animations sitting on my hard drive.

I was close to buying the same package for unity, but then decided to move to EU4.
I’m glad you have this package available here.
Have you any idea for the price?


Same price. And I’ll be most likely constructing similar controller with Blueprints and adding to the pack, just for fun :slight_smile:

Awesome! I’ll definitely be buying it. Hopefully we’ll see lots more from you guys on the marketplace soon enough :slight_smile:

Nice Work!

@Kubold- Congratulations, this is one of those things everyone needs but only few get access to, access to motion recording software isn’t available for all, especially of this quality. It will allow for much faster prototyping and testing, giving programmers a better flexibility without having to rely on animators (which are hard to find) to prepare the base work. I would like to request climbing, vaulting, rolling,wall collision, and so on (essentially parkour style motion as its really hard to get and a very common system these days), as well as melee fighting (sword,shield, throwing,etc). Would it be possible to incorporate this style of motion into the pack?

Once again, congratulations

Thanks. Yes, this is all possible, but it heavly depends on sales, making mocaps is just very expensive :slight_smile:

Personally, I would buy the pack if it had that, but I understand its quite a lot of work.
Why not make a different pack? I know for a fact that parkour and melee animations are high in demand as they are not found by default in game engines.

Looks really good, looking forward to seeing it in the Marketplace

Exactly, there will be other packs, I won’t be expanding this one (I will make a Blueprint demo controller though). All packs will be compatible (same poses and style). I’m just waiting to see if it gets to the store (somebody knows how long it takes Epic to put it on vote or reject it? 2 days? 2 months…?).

A demo controller would be awesome. I will also be picking this one up if the price is right. Thanks!

Same here , just **epic ** submission , must to have


Skip the voting, skip everything. this should be in the marketplace. effective immediately.

I’ll buy it with all the sure, really useful and increase the project quality!

+1 for more packs like climbing, fight moves, weapons (swords, guns, knifes) - with this quality won’t be a problem sell hehehe

Oh, are you avaliable to create custom moves apart? I mean, I want a specific move to be implemented, can I hire you to do this?

Kind Regards,

I could add few specific motion capture animations to this pack by request, but only if they seem like something everybody could use. And if you mean if you can hire me exclusively please e-mail [EMAIL=“”]