moveable object doesnt lit correctly.


i’am new to unreal so…yeah … got a little question.
I’ ve made archviz szene and a pine tree from the epic kite demo need to be moveable because of the leaf and branch movement. On one fine day this tree doesnt want to look like the day before…dont know why…
I deleted and put it in again but no sucess. Any idea why ?

Hi darstellungsart -

Some items you should begin by checking:

  1. Have you built lighting in the level? For that matter are you using Static Lighting or only Movable
  2. Assuming any Static Lighting, have you placed a Lightmass Importance Volume?
  3. Assuming that you have built lighting and are using a combination of Static and Dynamic Lights, open the World Settings >> Lightmass Settings >> and decrease the Volume Light Sample Placement then rebuilt lighting

To visualize the indirect lighting and shadowing that is being applied to your movable object go under Show in the Level Viewport >> Visualize >> Volume Light Samples.

Try these items and let me know -

Eric Ketchum

Thanks for the fast reply.

  1. Lighting ist build and any other object and foliage works well. I use a stationar sun and skylight. The only thing that moves is the pinetree.
  2. Yes
  3. I put a 0.5 in there but that doesnt work as well.

I have to say that the tree was working a long time since ive put a hdri to the skylight. I didnt keep it and even replaced it with a new skylight. When i put the tree in static mode it seems to work…yay

It seem that it is lit but way to bright…

Hi darstellungsart,

I have grabbed the ScotsPine_01 from the Kite Demo and I’m not seeing the same issue easily. Can you tell me a bit more about your scene?

  • This is likely a Indirect Lighting Cache issue. Can you select your tree and set the Indirect Lighting Cache to be ILCQ Off? This should disable any indirect lighting from being used for the placed samples.
  • To have the tree dynamically lit and avoid any baked shadows, you do not need to set it to be Movable. You can leave it as static, and in the Details Panel, uncheck the option for Static Shadows.
  • Post your Directional Light’s changed settings. You can do this by using the Eye icon in the details panel and selecting Show only Modified Properties.
  • Post your Skylights changed settings as well using the same method as the directional lights details panel.

Looking at your samples that are already placed in your scene they appear overly dark from what I would expect them to be. Hopefully the settings that I’ve requested will show something more conclusive.

Thank you!


Hi Tim,

I started with the first person shooter template and let the lightning untouched. Everything worked fine untill i put a hdri in a skylight since then the tree looked like that.

I’ve made a few tests. Made a new project and put the tree in and it worked fine. …I turned on DFAO and the tree looked normal but this causes problems with interior lighting and reflections.

When i turn ILCQ off it turned just black.

I have unchecked static lighting and after baking it looked the same.

The rest of my samples are correctly lit.

nothing seem to work …i guess i have to make a new scene and set every matinee cam again…

Ok … just found out that UE cant really get the same result with moving geometry. No matter which project or scene…
It is always lit differently.

Just to solve this. It is possible to get a moving shadow from a static object ???

I solved the problem myself. heavy problem with the exposure of movable objects ! - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums