"Move To" Task not working when I jump

So I’ve come across a problem in my AI behaviour tree where when I call the AI “Move To” task node, it does not work if the player is in the air.

It fires perfectly fine if the player is on the ground and if I jump, the AI will stop moving, wait until I land and then continue moving to my location.

The goal is to have the enemy still move to my location even if I am in the air, then when I land, perform the attack if I am in acceptable radius.

Below is an image of part of the behaviour tree that contains this issue along with the settings that I applied to the “Move To” node (on the right side). The “Move To” node is highlighted in yellow to help you visibily see it. I am hoping that I do not have to create a custom “Move To” node, to fix this issue.

Thank you for any help that you provide.