Move to Task in Behaviour Tree gets stuck when Player gets in the way of the AI

Hello everyone,
I’m running into an issue where the Move To node in the Behaviour Tree gets stuck there when the Player gets in the way of the AI.

Basically, I’m trying to make the AI move in a random spot close to the player, to keep it alive looking whilst fighting with the AI and make it harder for the player to attack it.

I set the Acceptance Radius to 5, and I’m sure that’s the issue because it tries to go to that spot and gets stuck, but I can’t make the Acceptance Radius much bigger because the random spot is close (100 radius within the player), and if I change the value the AI moves much less.

What should I do?
I’d like for it to abort the Move to task when the player gets in the way, but I don’t know how.

Thank you for your time