Move to 'Part' of a Player

I’m attempting to make AI for a side scrolling-type beat em’ up, not unlike castle crashers. I want the AI to move to the player, but I need it to move to the direct left or right of the player character. I was thinking that I could use Move To Player Location and then just offset to the left or right, but that would require me to update the Move To Player Location much more frequently.

My thought was to have a left and a right node parented to the player character and have the AI Move To the nodes instead of the player character. If I can use Move To Player, it seems that I would not have to update nearly as much. How would I achieve this.

Why is the update frequency a concern? I seems to me you have this figured out. The node method is exactly how I’d do it…

I was just being conscious of my resources. You’re right, I’ll just have it update more frequently.