Move to location is slower in 4.13

I was using a move to location node in 4.11 and making the transition to 4.13, the Ai using it moves a lot slower and I can’t seem to find anything that justifies this problem.

Maybe your frame rate is lower than before

No my framerate is fine.

I have another Ai which uses Ai move to (i’m using move to location on the other one since it’s a flying ai) and it is working just fine.

Your ai max speed is lower than before then.
Check the max speed from ai’s movement component

I am facing the same issue. A MoveTo Node in the behaviour tree works as expected, but requesting the AI to move using a Move To Location node causes it to move very slowly. No changes have been made to the speed settings in the characters movement component.

I have not used 4.13 yet. report it as bug if it is unusual

BUMP : ‘ai move to’ nodes in my BTT tasks now have this glitchy slow walk since upgrading to ue 4.13

Maybe this will help you:

Hi shaipo (or anyone else experiencing this)

Can you please make a new report for this in the “Bug Reports” section of this site?

We’d appreciate as much information as possible, including what you mean by “slower” (what is the specific difference you are seeing between 4.13 and previous versions?) and any reproduction steps or a test case we can use to match your experience.


Upgrading to 4.14 fixes this issue for me

I have the same issue, from a project upgraded to 4.13. I set the max walk speed at 175, but the AI will walk very slowy (around 33 in my case) using AIMoveto

EDIT: Just upgraded to 4.14 and this issue is gone !