Move To in the Behavior Tree

It doesn’t work( I mean the move to " task" in the bahevior tree)…The problems started with the random points in radius that supposed to give the value to the variable(inside the behavior tree) it was telling the bot where to be moved ( I found a n answer here for this problem to use project point to navigation and I will try to see if that works)…anyway I change that with random points in cone (or something like this) and that was giving values to the variable (and make me wonder why the random points in radius wasn’t working)…but after this wasn moving to the place the variable was telling…the value was changing and changing but the bot wasn’t moving…I had follow the video of twitch "Learning Navigation Meshes and Behavior tree "

Hi Kourmpanas,

Just to check, have you added a navmesh to the level? Also can you post some screenshots of your behavior tree and the blueprint of the task?

In your node for Get Random Point in Radius, what is the radius set to? You will want that to be quite high (something like 2000). Is the variable for the location exposed and being passed to the Blackboard? Any addition information may help resolve this issue. I would also suggest taking a look at this tutorial for more information:

Thank you


Navmesh was missing…but still wanted ProjectPointtoNavigation so the variable is taking the random values. If you try to break the vector and make the vector without the Z (because I dont want the bot to move in that axis) it doesnt move again

Thank you for the help : )

That is expected, you will want to make sure that the Z is only 0 if the navmesh exists at 0 height or else the AI will not see the navmesh. You can go into the Project Settings menu’s Navigation Mesh options to change them to your liking or scale the navmesh so that it does no go up inclines. Let me know if that helps.