Move texture with material parameter.

I’m building a house as archviz project and for some thing like walls and floors I just map for being 100x100x100 in 3DS Max, apply the material and scale it to the dimension that I want instead of UV Mapping all of 'em. Now the problem is that sometimes I want to move the texture/normal/etc. on the coordinate without touching the scale cause they may be not aligned or I want to move them to create some variation.

How can I do that? I guess is something pretty simple but I can’t find a way to do it.

Thank you.

Use a TextureCoordinate node in the material setup and then use an offset node to pan the texture around in UV space

I can’t find the offset node. Is it in the material editor?

Offset just means Add.

So place your UV node, then an Add node. Then hold “V” and click to make a “vector parameter node”. Then create a “Component Mask” node and leave the default R and G channels checked.

Then hook that up to your texture. Now the values you enter for the Red and Green channel of your vector parameter will offset the texture a direction in UV space.

Oh cool, it works perfectly! Thank you, very nice of you to explain it step by step.

@RyanB -

been trying to figure this out. getting lost in nodes. could you or anyone share a screen grab of the proper node placement?

Here is a snippet of what he was talking about

Another useful tip sometimes is to do a “Normalize” on the vector after the component mask. What that does is make the vector length equal to 1.
Then multiply by a scalar parameter. What that would do is give you direct control of the speed using the scalar, without worrying about what speed your vector turns out to be.

Ie a vector of 1,1 actually has a length of 1.41 , to normalize it by hand you would have to enter 0.707, 0.707.

@bradscott & @RyanB -

thanks folks!