Move texture along UVs without tiling

Trying to move the texture of a bill along the surface of a mesh. the mesh is a reel like thing.

with a panner i can move it along fine, though I only need ONE bill to move.
this is my problem: how do I move only one “instance” of the texture along the mesh?

this is what I want to do (paint, yeah!):

this is what I have so far:

the current material is of course tiled, so a bill is followed instantly by another bill.
but I need only one… help :slight_smile:

Double click on your texture in Content browser to open properties and then change X/Y-Axis Tiling Method from Wrap to Clamp - should work

Nice, thanks zeOrb! That was simple :slight_smile: clamp and add a opacity mask and all is working! :slight_smile: