Move player character using 'ai move to'

I tried to use ‘ai move to’ to move my player controlled character to some random location but for some reason it doesn’t work. I can see that my character is already on Nav mesh as seen below.

The character already touched the navmesh but whenever I press ‘T’ it wont move

This is the code

What does the print return, i can’t see ?

it only return success eventhough the character didnt move

You should also add a print node printing the randompoint coordinates, to check it

I tried to change the random point with exact coordinate within the navmesh but still didnt work. Does the position of my character really need to be above the navmesh? You can see on the picture it hovers near my character head instead of on the ground

No, the position of you character need to be INSIDE the navmeshvolume, make the volume way bigger to check if it works.
Is your character made propely ? The bottom of the capsule of your character need to stand on the ground

Yes my character is inside the navmeshvolume when I execute the command. I checked that my character’s capsule component already touch the ground. Tried to make it bigger too but still doesnt work.