Move Mouse independently from HMD (don't move the view there)


i have the following problem. My basic situation is that I want to have a mouse that only is visible on 3D-Widget in the world and move it there on the Widget without the tracking line from the hmd.

Now my problem. When I use the mouse while using the HMD, the view also rotates when i move my mouse. I can’t get to seperate the mouse movements from the view. I want to be able to move my mouse without that my curren’t view on the HMD is changing in VR.

You are probably using the Default Pawn which has embedded input, including mouse handling. Try to create your own VR Pawn derived from Pawn or Character, then specifically assign input events to it. As long as you don’t assign and handle any mouse event, there will be to reaction to mouse movements. This said, using the mouse in VR is not that easy nor recommended. Or am I missing your use case?