move lighting after baking

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I backed my lighting in a scene

then moved the light and lost the bake

Is there a way to move the light with out losing the bake and see how it change in the scene or do ypu need to bake every time you move the light


Yes, you need to build the lights to see indirect illumination(GI).

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is it just for the global lighting or all lighting in the scene that you need to bake very time?

I seen this video and it looks like they move the light around with out baking it every time.
is it because it’s not the global light?


For static and stationary light sources, you need to build the lights to see indirect lighting(which usually changes the looks drastically) and for performance reasons as they use lightmaps instead of calculating the lighting and shadows in runtime. If you are using fully dynamic lighting(movable lights) then you dont need to build the lights at all, but you wont have indirect lighting with them. You’ll have to use a movable skylight and/or additional movable light sources to imitate ambient lighting in that case.

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It’s very easy.
Change the light from ‘stationary’ to ‘movable’ then move it, the baked lighting won’t be lost.