Move in opposite direction of player

Hello, I’m trying to get my prey animals to run away from the character (whos trying to eat them) It was easy to set up animals to find me and chase me down, but getting them to run away (at their own speed) from the player is eluding me!
Here are some pictures of my behavior tree and blueprints that hunt down the player. Now I would like the opposite, run away when I get close or in their sight

I believe you have everything you need already. Since you have your move to random location already set up I would use some of that. How about saving say. 3 last locations that were your goals for random move and in case you need to run away from player just get one of them and set it as your run away location (goal)?
You just need to decide on the conditions that will trigger run away script.

Off the top of my head this is how I would do it. Find out the direction from the player to the AI and multiply it by a float (this will be the distance away from player or in this case from AI because I am adding it’s location), add current AI’s location and try to get a random location to navigate to from this point in space. But this example needs future work and polish because you might not have a navmesh where you’re trying to find a spot or if you’re above or below the AI then you might want to ignore the Z (when calculating direction) otherwise you’ll be searching for a spot to move to in the sky or below the map.