Move destructible mesh chunks with blueprints

Hey guys, I am working on a game where the player is able to pull objects toward themselves, then aim and launch them back out using physics. This works fine with static mesh’s but I am having difficulty doing it with destructible meshes and their ‘chunks’. I would like to be able to line trace to a specific chunk (as I am doing currently with static meshes), get the chunk, pull it toward the player, attach it to the motion controller (the game is in VR) and then launch the chunk back out into the world.

The problem arises because I cannot figure out how to set the specific chunk’s location. I am able to add a physics handle and attach it to the motion controller, but it attaches at its current location and will not move towards the player.

I know this is a bit of a complicated description but if you have any experience with this, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

thank you!

DM are more like skeletal meshes than static meshes, and the chunks are the bones with sockets.

If you want to move a DM chunk around like that, you will need to do it in C++; unless someone found a magic way in blueprints to do it.

If you’d like a modeling way to do it, you can put your DM into Maya, export each chunk as it’s own FBX, and then put it together in the engine.

Functionally, you would have a solid piece in scene, and then when it’s ‘broken’ you destroy it and spawn all the chunk pieces in it’s place.

Hey ErrinMiller thanks for the quick response. In your opinion is that the best way to do it? Seems fairly roundabout… the objects are seperated pieces and respond to physics individually, shouldn’t there be a way to reference their locations?

Also you mentioned that they are like bones with sockets…does that mean I can use a node like ‘get socket location’ to find the hit bone location?

Probably the Maya method if you aren’t comfortable with Unreal C++, and you can get there information by getting the chucks socket by name or index.

You can hide the bone and get bone location. (Get num of bones and check if all are hidden then destroy actor) Then you can do trace for the bone names and add anther actor in that location. I’ve tried it in UE4.24. All in blueprints. For anyone that is looking.