Move Component To problem

I have a problem with my second Move Component To. I want to move static mesh to first location, and then when it reaches it, move it to second location. My first Move Component To node works perfectly, and second one is moving mesh, but to wrong location. I cant figure out why. If I reverse location orders, then it works for “second” location, but not for “first” one (basically locations are correct). I suspect that my static mesh is returning to location relative to start position, and not relative to location where it should first move. But I don’t know how to fix it.

I am afraid I don’t know what MoveTo node you are referring to, plus I need to rotate shield too, so I tought this would be perfect.

Relative location is Actor location plus the location you put in.
So my question is why not just use the actor MoveTo instead of Component MoveTo?

If you have to do it this way maybe it will work to subtract the first vector from the second and use the result for the second moveto

I tried that and it didnt work, but I solved it by saving start position and then finding relative location of it to second location.

Oh good. That was the first thing I thought of suggesting, so I guess I should’ve gone with that instead haha