Movable Skylight doesn't affect specularity beyond certain distance

This looks like another problem (or something) that I also noticed while debugging my own issues.(

Both r.LPV.DirectionalOcclusionDefaultDiffuse and r.LPV.DirectionalOcclusionDefaultSpecular are set to .75 by default. Not sure why, or if this was a recent change since there’s been a bit of poking around the lpv code the past couple of months.

If you set r.LPV.DirectionalOcclusionDefaultDiffuse to 1, that seems to fix the square bounding issue. You can set r.LPV.DirectionalOcclusionDefaultSpecular to 1 as well but I feel like I never got lpv to affect reflections/specularity ever.

Movable Skylight doesn’t affect specularity beyond certain distance.

  1. Create a new level.
  2. Remove directional light.
  3. Add Skylight and set it to Movable.
  4. Create a large plane with 0.18 as basecolor.
  5. Move back and fourth and you’ll see a square following you. Skylight affects specularity only within this square.

I did more investigation and the issue seems to be visible only when you put r.LightPropagationVolume = 1 in ConsoleVariables file. Regardless of whether you are actually using LPVs in your level or not. So for the time being, we can’t enable LPVs without seeing this square following us.

Those don’t make any difference to the described issue.