Movable particles in UE4.

(saw a post like this on the subreddit, am also interested in this and there weren’t any responses…so here I am)

Having watched all the UE4 official particle tutorials, I’m still at a loss as to how to make more dynamic particles. Namely, making particles: movable, scalable, and color-changing. I’m trying to make something like Disneyland’s "World of Color" ( and have fountain particles made but can’t figure out how I can make them into a show like Disney’s.

Help would be incredibly appreciated (and will be forwarded to the OP of the reddit post I mentioned at the start)

I will assume you are talking about Cascade - yes you can do all of those effects you talk about.

Okay, so a particle system is made up of multiple emitters. Then an emitter is made up of multiple modules. The modules can be added by right clicking in the Emitters tab.

The modules you want to add for colour are Initial Colour and/or Colour over life

The movability is covered by lots of different modules, such as Initial Velocity, Acceleration, Drag, Rotation

The scaling part is covered by Size by life, Initial size

Any of the effects that work over the lifecycle of the particle will allow you to add Point. So if you have a starting colour or alpha and an ending colour or alpha you need 2 points. But you can add as many as you want. The engine will lerp between them.

If you google all of those module names, or put them into youtube, I am sure you will find many more resources and tutorials.