Movable objects with different illumination

Hello to Everyone.
I have this little dark room with inside different movable objects.
the light is built in “preview” mode in the images i attached, but i have the same problem with “production” render.

in the image i wrote in green my MOVABLE objects rendered correctly and in red my MOVABLE objects rendered incorrectly.
All objects have 2 UVW levels and each lightmaps uvw don’t have overlapped or inverted UVW.
All moveble object have “light as if static” UNSELECTED.

how you can see, the green objects fits well inside the whole illumination of the room, and you can’t distinguish the static from movable objects… but the red objects are pop-out from the global light.
Apparently all settings are the same for every objects… but i miss something for sure.

Someone can tell me what i’m still missing?


thank you to everyone in advance.

You can’t match static lighting with dynamic lighting. Dynamic objects use light environments/probes to fake the indirect lighting from the static scene, since it’s very inaccurate it means that the lighting will be slightly different from the static objects. Not much of an issue if the dynamic object is separate from the static objects but it becomes very clear when you have them side by side. This can be particularly difficult with stuff like doors, where the lighting on one side of the door is very different from the lighting on the other side of the door, since the engine can’t know that the inside and the outside need to look different it will blend both sides with the light environment probes.
The only way to make sure that the pieces match is to use the same lighting system for both objects, either static or dynamic.

maybe i solved

thank you dathviper107

i solved checking " light as if static " and adding some movable light for balance the shadows caused by this option.
the result is pretty good i think. What you think?