Movable objects, bake & light problem

Hello guys,
I was making a build of my scene a few hours ago. I noticed that all of the movable objects (like doors which are BPs for opening, items that are needed for pick up in inventory), all of them are so bright as opposed to the static models in the scene. Can you tell me any suggestions on how to fix this since it’s quite breaking the immersion?

The hardest thing to watch is: A black room which requires a flashlight (eg. ceiling or basement), everything is black as it should be, but the movable objects are bright and can be clearly seen in the darkness.

Does your material by chance contain an emissive colour map? Movable or not objects should respect light elements

Movable objects and Skeletal Meshes will use baked lighting through Volumetric Lightmaps(by default, at least). Do you have a Skylight by any chance? Does it cast shadows?

What’s most likely happening is that there are probes underneath the level and they’re not dense enough so a probe outside is blending with a probe inside. They have a 1x1 uniform grid that they have to be placed in regardless of your Lightmass Importance Volume size, so there are a lot of probes outside of your scene. It’s not a robust solution with a lot of options for blockers or anything, but you would either need to increase the density of the probes(increases bake time and memory) or place thick black boxes underneath/outside your level close enough that they aren’t visible inside. You can visualize the probes in the viewport to verify that they are indeed much brighter. If that’s not it, definitely show some screenshots or provide more info if you can.

Thanks for the replies, guys! Sorry for the late response, we’ve been hard at work.
We have managed to find the problem and fixed it. Most movable objects (blueprints) strangely required a light map too. Don’t know why, but after adding lightmaps on doors and windows and tweaking a bit the indirect lighting density, we have achieved the desired result. And yes, I have noticed that sometime in the past, someone of our team has added emissive on them. Simply removing it, fixed most of them.